MASAL REFUGE - a home for Citdibi climbers.

climbing, camping & wildness in Citdibi​​ /Antalya / Turkey

the MASAL REFUGE [eng: fairytale refuge] is a camping and meetingpoint for all climbers, especially for those who like wildness, nature, silence and special places.


The refuge is situated directly under the climbing cliff of Çitdibi and at the Tunc-mountain's[2649m] south base.


We build the refuge in the arcitecture of the montain village houses with natural stones and mountain wood. Also your energy concept is 100% ecological and in accordance with the nature. The sun is our only sponsor for warm water and also for electricity.


The amazing climbıng and the surrounding with big walls, high mountains and a brilliand view over the bay of Antalya makes this place to a very magic one.


we create this refuge in the spirit that freedom lies in wildness not in civilisation. If you are a climber - be welcome to share this place with us!


Duygu & Tobias

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new: we bring your food to Masal Refuge


We deliver in most times of the season, a big variety of groceries from the JoSiTo Minimarket to the Masal Refuge, at least once a week.

Prices are only little higher than in the supermarket.


Please order under: climbing@masalrefuge.com





Climbing Bridges: The Story of Omercan | Chapter Four - Antalya

...a video to the Petzl Rocktrip in Çitdibi 2014 and about friends, climbing and music



- cheep camping

-cosey bungalows

- hot & luxury showers

- the kitchen full equipped with all  needs for cooking, stove, gas, oven, fire   place and the realax sofa

- drinkable water

- transferservice

- rent a car service


we are looking forward to welcome all climbers, mountaineerers and all oyher nature friends.

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