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The Çitdibi rockclimbing area is one of the most impressive sport climbing walls we have ever seen. We found the crag, which is situated on about 1000m alttude, by chance while a mountainbike tour in 2002. The main development of the crag had to wait untill the year 2013 when the bolting team of Petzl opened a lot of new routes for the Petzl Rocktrip 2014. We want to thank all athlets who spent their energy for bolting and thanks Petzl for supporting the area with bolts and equipment.

The Çitdibi rocks are eastfacing and are only in the morning time in the sun. 

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what to find?

At the moment at the Çitdibi rocks more then 100 routes in the grades 5c-9a. Most of the routes you can find in the grades 7a to 8b. The routes are all modern and safe equipped with glue-in bolts. The crags of Çitdibi offer very various styles of climbing.


In the right side Canyon sector you can find spectacular tufalines on rock with blue and orange stripes. The crag is in this part 140m high, what makes this sector also attractive for fans of hard multipitch routes. Some of the routes here are very long (up to 55m! single pitch). To climb in this sector, it's best you come with an 80m or 100m rope. With a 70m rope you can rapell on intermedia belays or lower of to the oposite of the canyon. The grades in this sector are between 6c+ and 9a?.


At the opposite side of this sector you can find the left side Canyon sector with easier routes ( 5c -7b). The rock here is not so colourfull as at the opposite side, but some of the routes offer still nice climbing on mostly crimps and crags. After the early spring time, when a lot of water drops from the opposite wall on this sector this crag can be a little dirty, before the first climbers brushed it.


The sector Magara [cave] showes up with steep athletic climbs on mostly big stuff, the sector hosts some of the best routes of Çitdibi. The place and surrounding of this place is specially nice and even perfect for families. Some extensions, that are worth to do, are up to 55m long - so bring a long rope with you. Grades between 7a+ and 8b+

A totally different style of climbing you find in the  red rock sector Çitdibi. The routes are here vertical or slightly overhanging, going up red and orange rock, sometimes looking like red marble. You can find no tufas and colonettes here but climbing on crimps and edges similar to climbing on granit. This sector is even in the winter and springtime always dry. For some of the routes you should have good conditions as the crimps have low friction. Grades between 6a+ and 8a


The sector Şelale [water fall] and right of this, has only some routes in the lower and middle grades at the moment. There is a big potential for more routes here.


when to come?

The best season to climb in Çitdibi is normally from end of August untill end of December so as from beginning of April to middle of June. In the early springtime the canyon and magara sector are mostly wet from seeping water of the winter rain and snow, but in the sector Çitdibi you can also climb in this time. July and August can be hot and humide.

other climbing areas arround

At the climbing areas Geyikbayiri (40min. by car), Olympos (1hour by car) and Öküzini (15 min. by car) you can find a big variety of routes in all grades. In total more than 1000!

More information you can find in the guidebook and under and the database of



the guidebook for Çitdibi and all the other climbing areas is from our friend an pioneer of turkish rockclimbing ÖZTÜRK KAYİKCI and is called ANTALY KAYA TIRMANIŞ REHBERİ - A ROCK CLİMBİNG GUİDE TO ANTALYA


price: 28,-€


if you buy the guidebook at the JoSiTo guesthouseCamp in Geyikbayiri a part of the money goes in developement and maintenance of the climbingareas of Antalya!



new routes and changes (to the guidebook) in Çitdibi


Route Uptdate 2016 for Citdibi, in adition to the guidebook ' A ROCK CLIMBING GUIDE TO ANTALYA' from and copyrights Öztürk Kayikci
the newest routes and changes for Citdibi
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]

aditional NEW TOPO to the upper Update for the page 7 (MAĞARA/RIGHT):


PDF-Dokument [625.7 KB]

take care!


- always tire a not at the oposite side of the rope, routs are long in Çitdibi!!!


- the Çitdibi climbing area is new, rocks can fall and tufas can break -> avoid to hang out under climbing persons and avoid to leave children in this dangerous zone


- respect the ethics and roules for climbing in the Antalya climbing areas like they are written in the guidebook




- leave no trash at the rocks and (sorry) don't shit on it but walk down in the forest or to the Refuge's toilette for big business.


- don't take Quickdraws or other marerial out of routes, climbers leave them for projecting


- brush chalk and tickmarks away, after you have climbed a route


- contact one of the local climbers, if you want to open new routes







Duygu in 'Caro James Wedding Present' (8a/+)






Duygu in 'Harekiri' (8a+/b)

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