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From the airport hide direction Antalya, at the first big crossing (after 3-5 km) turn right direction Kemer. Follow that road completely straight through Antalya, (over bride, direction Cakirlar).
Continue straight, after leaving Antalya, drive through village of Bahtili, continue straight, before coming to village Cakirlar turn half right in roundabout, follow that street till till you come to market place with wooden huts. From there drive strait on, follow the signs 'Hacısekiler', 'Çitdibi', Yarbaşçandır'. Follow the this road up into the mountains and pass the Çitdibi village and drive about 3 km further untill you see the small sign 'Ambarlar Yatagı' and 'Ambarlar Mevki'. Turn here right into the dirt road, turn left at the first possibility and pass a water depot strait on untill you arrive at the MASAL REFUGE.



If you want to be picked up by us from the airport (50,- Euro per transfer for 1- 4 persons, 10,- Euro/person for the 5-9) at any time (from midnigt 0:00 until 6:00 10,-€ night fee extra), please send us your mobile number and your flight details: 


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A transfer from or to the JoSiTo camp in Geyikbayiri costs 35€ per transfer for 1- 4 persons, 8,- €/person for the 5-9 (no night service)


Please order your transfer minimum 2 days before!


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the next bigger supermarket from Çitdibi is in the Cakirlar village 18 km direction to Antalya. There are also two small bakals with very limited variety and rare opening howers in the village Candir, about 4km away from MasalRefuge. The next restaurant is direction Antalya, about 7km steep downwards.



Guidebook Geyikbayiri, Çitdibi and Olympos

the guidebook for Çitdibi and all the other climbing areas is from our friend an pioneer of turkish rockclimbing ÖZTÜRK KAYİKCI and is called ANTALY KAYA TIRMANIŞ REHBERİ - A ROCK CLİMBİNG GUİDE TO ANTALYA


price: 30,-€


if you buy the guidebook at the JoSiTo guesthouseCamp in Geyikbayiri a part of the money goes in developement and maintenance of the climbingareas of Antalya!

Route Uptdate 2016 for Citdibi, in adition to the guidebook ' A ROCK CLIMBING GUIDE TO ANTALYA' from and copyrights Öztürk Kayikci
New routes and changes
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]

happy hike!

 The Lycian Way is a 509 km, 25-day way-marked footpath around the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey, from Fethiye to Antalya. The trail consists mainly of old footpaths and mule trails, often hard and stony underfoot, not suitable for mountain bikes. Lying between the coast and mountains, it often has steep gradients. It was researched, designed and waymarked by Kate Clow, a British/Turkish amateur historian, in 1999. Turkey’s first long-distance walking route, it was made in order to identify and protect some of Turkey’s old roads.


In 2014 there was added a new leg of the trail going from the JoSiTo camp in Geyikbayiri to Çitdibi. This new hike is a great mountain stage. It passes the 'Geyiksivresi' (1750m) and two acient citys (Trebenna and Topelia).


More informations about the Lycian Way and the guidebook can you find on the webpage of Kate Clow


The detailed description of the new leg of the lycian way from Geyikbayiri to Çitdibi and further to Hisçandır: 


and information about the new leg at tibet outdoor shop Antalya:




guided mountaineering, biking and climbing


There are unique  mountains arround Çitdibi, rising up from seelevel up to almoust 3000m altitute. You can find beautyful wildness and incredable views hiking and climbing on this mountains. As this mountains are quite wild and without local knowledge difficult to access, we suggest to hire a local guide to have an unforgetable and at the same time a safe trip. We recommend to hire our friend, professional mountaineerer and local guide Mustafa Kalaycı. He is also guiding mountainbike tours and giving courses for climbing in the area.





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as there is no reception at the refuges place you need to register here online or in the JoSiTo-GuesthouseCamp in Geyikbayiriif you wont to stay at the MASAL REFUGE.


!!! It is not allowed to stay at the refuge or use any of it's facilities without registration !!!


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